Seniors often feel as if they’ve fallen behind simply because they’re older and less physically capable. They are at a notable advantage, however. They’ve had more time to share their love and wisdom with others. Senior citizens know the value of time, but they still need the occasional bit of motivation. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of encouraging words for seniors.

Why is Verbal Motivation Essential?

Even if they’re living in an engaging, inviting, assisted living community, seniors often grapple with loneliness and depression. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately one-fifth of seniors deal with mental health concerns. Encourage a senior to reflect on their life with gratitude, and they’ll find that there are plenty of reasons to be thankful, such as:

  • Family relationships
  • Friendships
  • A successful career
  • Achievements in art, fitness, or hobbies
  • Memories of special times

With a quick glance at the above list, yet another mental health drawback is revealed. As a person ages, many of their successes are only memories. While retirement brings freedom, it can also bring a feeling of emptiness, which makes fun activities more difficult. By using motivating and encouraging words, you can help seniors maintain a mindful, grateful, and positive attitude.

Encouraging Words Bring a More Positive Outlook

As you’re preparing to visit an elderly friend or family member, it may help to think of some encouraging words. It can be as easy as saying “I love you”, but that’s not the only way to demonstrate affection and caring.

One of a person’s greatest fears is being forgotten, and the feeling is quite common among the elderly. Reminding a senior that you’re thinking of them will show them that they’re still important. When visiting, calling, or writing a letter, starting with a simple “You were on my mind, so I thought I would get in touch” invites deeper and more meaningful conversation.

Along with encouraging statements, you can show care and concern by asking seniors questions. Based on observations and their responses, you may find a few other ways to motivate them.

  • If an elderly friend or family member expresses their boredom, suggest a few fun and engaging activities. Consider inviting them to do something together.
  • When seniors find it hard to participate in hobbies they previously loved, help them branch out and find new creative outlets.
  • Many senior citizens are forced to deal with the grief of losing friends, spouses, and loved ones. Encouraging them to talk about the departed will help them process their grief in an appropriate, healthy way.

No matter which words you choose, the most important thing is that these conversations take place. When we encourage the seniors in our lives, we show them our care and love.

Motivational Quotes for Senior Citizens

If you’re striving to encourage the senior in your life but can’t find the right words, take some inspiration from some of the world’s well-known personalities. An uplifting quote will show you care while reminding the elderly loved one to reflect fondly on the past while keeping their mind in the present. Henry Ford, C.S. Lewis, and others have all offered their thoughts on aging, and there are hundreds of inspirational quotes online.

While finding motivational words to share with seniors, it’s important to consider their personality. Some people in memory care have a dry sense of humor, while others prefer more somber and meaningful words. The best way to encourage a senior is to tailor the message to the recipient.

Be a Good Listener and Provide Additional Encouragement

As you’re imparting words of encouragement to a senior citizen, be sure to listen to what they have to say. The elderly have the benefit of years of life experience, and most people love sharing their wisdom with others.

When spending time with elderly friends and family members, give them some time to reflect on their lives. Listen to old stories and accept their advice patiently. Demonstrate your interest, ask questions, and make eye contact occasionally. If the relationship dictates it, physical touch is an excellent way to show affection when speaking or listening to a senior loved one or friend.

Encouraging Seniors Means Accepting the Past, Staying in the Present and Showing Love All the Time

Mental health is vital at all ages, but it can be challenging for seniors to maintain a positive outlook on life. No elderly person should have to face these obstacles alone. With encouraging words for seniors, you’ll go a very long way toward improving their mental health, no matter their age and ability.

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