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Myths About Assisted Living

Many myths and misconceptions revolve around assisted living communities, their services, costs, amenities, and level of care. Some people often confuse assisted living communities with nursing homes or associate them with loneliness, boredom, and lack of freedom. However, these communities allow seniors to enjoy freedom and independence, build meaningful connections, create friends, and receive personalized [...]

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Having a Parent Live With You Has Pros and Cons

Every family has different dynamics. Sometimes, parents get along great with their adult children. In other circumstances, the relationship is rife with frustrations and unmet expectations on both sides. Deciding how to support an aging parent can bring all of the family's explicit and underlying dynamics to the surface, and it's not always pretty. When [...]

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How Can Assisted Living Benefit Those With Disabilities?

As people age, their chances of experiencing a disabling injury or health condition rise. However, there's good news for seniors struggling with mobility issues due to disabilities. With today's senior living options, there's no reason for physical disabilities to get in the way of enjoying those golden years to the fullest. Read on to find [...]

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Active Living for Seniors is Very Important

Seniors have unique needs when it comes to physical activity and fitness. As they age, they may develop certain medical conditions that limit their ability to engage in active living. In addition, seniors may have reduced access to activities due to a lack of transportation or decreased energy levels. Nevertheless, being physically active is essential [...]

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How You Can Show Support for Your Relatives in Assisted Living?

Arizona senior citizens often remain healthy and independent for years longer than previous generations. But even the most self-sufficient can develop health issues that make it difficult to live at home. Many move into senior communities with the resources to ensure residents' health, safety, and well-being. Although communities can provide residents with excellent quality of life, they [...]

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Talking with Aging Parents About Finances

Nearly half of Americans between 55 and 66 years old have no savings for retirement based on a recent write-up from the U.S. Census Bureau. Furthermore, quite a few who believe they're ready for their retirement years may have some unpleasant surprises in store when the time actually rolls around. With all that in mind, [...]

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The Value of Therapy in Assisted Living

Arizona is a well-established destination for retirees. With the state’s warm weather throughout the year and the availability of health care, seniors feel confident they’ll be comfortable and have access to any medical services they need to remain healthy. While many retirees choose to live in single-family detached homes, others welcome the benefits provided by [...]

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Approaching the Subject of Assisted Living With Someone in Denial

Growing older comes with unique challenges. From aches and pains and mobility issues to cognitive decline, seniors have a lot on their plates. It can be difficult for even the most independent of them to successfully age in place alone at home, but unfortunately, not everyone is willing to accept that reality. When elderly family [...]

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Dealing With the Struggles of Transitioning to an Assisted Living Community

As they grow older, some people can no longer live on their own safely. When seniors struggle with day-to-day chores or have cognitive declines, they sometimes need an assisted living community. Although these communities offer extensive services to individuals, along with a safe and nurturing environment, the process of transitioning to a new way of life [...]

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Using Words to Uplift Your Aging Relatives

Seniors often feel as if they’ve fallen behind simply because they’re older and less physically capable. They are at a notable advantage, however. They’ve had more time to share their love and wisdom with others. Senior citizens know the value of time, but they still need the occasional bit of motivation. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits [...]

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